Visiting Berlin

Visiting Berlin

Visiting Berlin

The good and rapid- connections with the whole world have helped Berlin maintain its attractiveness as a city for fairs and exhibitions. With the exception of a short summer break in July, there is something going on in the exhibition halls at the Radio Tower the whole year long. In addition to a number of conventions and conferences, a total of ca. 20 fairs and exhibitions are held annually. The most noteworthy ones are: the International "Green Week" (agricultural exhibition); the International Tourism Exchange; the German Industrial Exhibition; and the Kulinaria.

The 'International Radio, TV and Phono Exhibition", which was held under this name for the first time in 2001, was a big success. It was also the reason for the considerable enlargement of the roofed-over hail area. Today this area extends over 88,000 meters2 - all at ground level. The plan of the site clearly shows the arrangement of these halls, which surround the Summer Garden. It is thus possible to hold large and smaller exhibitions, fairs and conferences parallel to, but separate from, each other. The new Congress centre is being built to the right of the halls 13-15, which at the moment are closed. There are 20,000 parking places in the vicinity of the fair grounds.

Holiday in Berlin

Berlin is the perfect destination for a family who wants a culture rich holiday. With lots of sight seeing available including the Berlin Wall, Museum Island, East Side Gallery and many Memorials, your family can have a week full of exploring. The majority of tourist hot spots in Berlin have been adapted so that they are of easier access to those who have twin pushchairs to push around.

The Berlin Settlement has also stimulated Berlin's congress and exhibition activities. Whereas before efforts to get Eastern European countries to participate directly in these events was always unsuccessful because these states refused to recognize West Berlin's ties to the Federal Republic, this problem has been solved by the Quadripartite Agreement.

The partner for the arrangement of fairs and exhibitions is the AMK Berlin (Exhibition, Fair and Congress Corporation), Messedamm 22, 1000 Berlin 19.

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