Berlins Architectural Roots

Guide to Berlin - Berlins Architectural Roots

Berlins Architectural Roots

Berlin's decisive architectural character was formed by Friedrich Wilhelm's successor, who founded the Kingdom of Prussia in 1701. With the Frieddchstadt' the new royal residence acquired yet another district.

One of the greatest architects of the Baroque period, Andreas Schluter, gave the City Palace its final form.

West of the Tiergarten, far from the town gates, the Charlottenburg Palace was built for the Queen. On the initiative of the philosopher Leibniz, a friend of the Queen, Berlin became the seat of the newly-founded Prussian Academy of the Sciences. Whereas the second Prussian King, Friedrich Wilhelm I, - aside from the further expansion of the city - restricted himself mainly to raising a strong army and setting up a superbly organized administration, during the reign of his son Friedrich II,

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