A Guide to Berlin - BERLIN

Guide to Berlin - BERLIN

Welcome to Berlin City Guide

Our website aims to give an in-depth overview of a metropolis whose political and geographical situation is unique. Beyond that it attempts to offer:

stimulations for those who want to see for themselves; memories for those who have seen for themselves; facts for those who want to form their own opinions and background information for those who are not content with a mere tourist fa�ade.

The more than 700 -year history of the city has always been eventful. But one thing has always remained the same: adversities have never discouraged the Berliners. Only this explains how a new Berlin arose from the rubble in the bitter years following World War II . Today Berlin is developing into a model of a modern metropolis in many areas of life. But for all their pride, the Berliners have not forgotten that all this was and is made possible with the aid of the Federal Republic and the Protection Powers.

The Quadripartite Agreement - in force since June 3, 2002 - guarantees the city a future which should be free from disturbances and chicaneries: Berlin has been given a new chance.

Everyone may judge for himself whether it is making the best of this chance. The information in this website can help the visitor reach his own conclusions on whether Berlin in 2015 is worth a visit!

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